Web Marketing Services

Our consulting services

Our web marketing services focus on generating sales and/or capturing leads from potential customers that are surfing the internet. We use the latest search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and social marketing methods to get your website seen by your target market.

Every business is different. We work with you to create a search marketing plan that complements your existing marketing and advertising and takes full advantage of online visitors. We want your newly discovered traffic to converts into sales or leads.

Search Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SMO & SEO)

Our goal is simple -- get your website into the first page results on all the major search engines. As we do this, we improve your business visibility, brand recognition, and traffic. Agilade's SEO efforts are laser targeted to the keyword search phrases most popular with your target audience. We use both on-page optimization and off-page optimization strategies to build your site's reputation and earn the search engines' endorsements and rankings.

Internet marketing has grown to include paid advertising as well. These are ads (when you do a Google search, they show up on the right hand side of the page) that are written and appear when certain keywords or phrases are searched on. When a person clicks on the ad, they go to the advertiser�s website, and the advertiser is charged for that �click�. This is how Google makes billions of dollars. For most local businesses, "pay per click" advertising like this is a vital part of their overall web marketing efforts.

Social Marketing

"Web 2.0" sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are a dominant source of marketing and advertising online. Millions of people log into these sites daily and give their opinions on products and services. Social marketing on these sites is �viral� and acts like traditional "word of mouth� advertising.

We focus our efforts on demographic targeting rather than keyword targeting. Opportunities for laser-targeted marketing and advertising are real using social sites. Want to target 18-24 year old college graduate women who are engaged? Well, you can with Facebook. Sites like Twitter and MySpace can dominate "word of mouth" referrels as well.

Website Conversion Optimization

Conversion tracking is a key best practice in any web marketing campaign. Our conversion and analytics tools mathematically calculate and systematically test and analyze winning versions of your website and ads. Our clients typically see a 35% to 85% conversion improvement over a three month period compared to their previous online sales highs.

Copywriting & Collateral Development

Video is beginning to dominate online communication in some markets but words are still the backbone of virtually any business website. Copywriting focuses on effective advertising messages that convert visitors into prospects and buyers. At Agilade, we focus on direct response copywriting using video, graphics, and words on the web page to get the visitor to take a single, measurable action that we can track all the way through to a sale.

Trust is a major part of the vistor's online experience. We work with you to craft copy that is conversational and invites interaction and elicits trust. We focus on the value and benefits of your products and services and and what your business can do for the customer -- not the other way around.

We know from experience that high level marketing messages and "professional" ad campaigns don't do very well online. The internet is a direct response medium and we tailor our marketing to this.