Getting Started

How we work

At Agilade, we recognize that every client is unique and we tailor our services to your goals and needs. Our first step is always to have a brief discussion about your business, your customers, your website, and your goals. We call this our "Marketing Intelligence Assessment" and it is offered at no charge and includes a detailed proposal of how we feel Agilade Marketing Group can best help you and your business get more sales and leads online.

The Marketing Intelligence Assessment looks at the following areas of your business online:

  • » Benchmarks & Competition
  • » Overall Online Marketing Approach
  • » Existing Website On-Page Optimization
  • » Sales & Lead Conversions
  • » Depth of Visitor Engagement
  • » Future Objectives

While every client is unique, we do see commonalities across most businesses and markets. Here are some common strategies we utilize with most client campaigns.

1. Keyword Term Analysis
Based on our initial conversation, additional market research, and an assessment of your business and your website we will determine the broad range of keywords your potential customers are using to find services and products. We will analyze these keyword phrases and determine which ones have the best ranking, traffic, and conversion potential for your business

Oftentimes we will identify phrases that appears highly competitive -- with millions of search engine results listed -- but in reality are very easy to rank on the first page for. We will also identify supposed "low hanging fruit" keyword terms that appear easy to rank for but in fact are difficult or time-wasting because of their lack of commercial intent.

2. Content Creation
As we�ve mentioned before, your website content is important to establishing the relevance of your site and web pages to the keywords you are trying to get traffic from. Overall, there are three main areas we focus on:

  1. On-Site Optimization
    This includes all visible content on the web page and the "hidden" HTML source code that programs the page. There are two primary things we are looking at: [1] errors in the web pages that might prevent a search engine spider from correctly reading your site and indexing your pages; [2] the ability of your web pages to act as direct response marketing pages and entice a visitor to take action. In addition we will look at traditional SEO factors like title tags, meta description, duplicate content, and keyword theme.

  2. Article Creation
    Each month we will create article content for every keyword term being marketed. Articles are between 250-600 words and are published in blogs and article directories and provide valuable content to entice people to your website. In addition, article syndication provides all important back links to your web site.

  3. Publicity & Social Marketing
    This includes traditional online press releases and also encompasses "link bait" article content that pay particularly close attention to your target audience�s pressure points: the secrets they want to know, the tips they need to hear, the problems and solutions your company addresses.

    These articles will not be placed on your website, but will instead be promoted to hundreds of other websites in search of compelling articles on your particular subject. This achieves two objectives: 1) each article links back to your website, earning you one-way links from authoritative sites, and 2) the more independent websites that discuss your company or publish an article written by your company, the better your reputation will be. Your potential customers will find your company discussed on other websites, or see that other websites have endorsed you by publishing your article.

3. Linking Strategy
In addition to the links earned through article promotion, we will negotiate links on your behalf. We will concentrate on sites with high Page Rank and traffic rankings as links from these are considered powerful �votes.�

4. Social Networking
We discuss this in depth on our What is Social Networking page.

5. RSS Feeds
We will implement RSS feeds on your blog and/or article pages to keep visitors apprised of new content. Search engines will also be notified through your RSS feed every time a page is added to your site, resulting in faster indexing.

6. Tracking and Analysis
You will receive detailed reports on your rankings across the major search engines, as well as site traffic and visitor behavior using such tools as StatCounter, CrazyEgg, and Google Analytics.

7. Traffic Conversion Optimization
Most search marketing campaigns focus soley on getting a page ranked on the first page of the search engines. This is a necessary but not sufficient step. Instead of focusing 100% on ranking, at Agilade we are equally concerned with conversion -- what actions do visitors take when they arrive at your site.

We use leading edge tracking and statistical analysis tools to develop numerous versions of key elements to your sales process (headlines, offers, colors, layout, intro paragraphs, calls to action, etc.). Each version is tested against the others to not only determine the best version of each element, but more importantly the best combination of elements.

Pricing Models and Our Guarantee

We price each campaign on a per-client basis. Pricing is based on amount of hours you wish us to dedicate to your project each week, as well as which strategies you�d like us to implement. You will receive a complete proposal from Agilade as part of your Market Intelligence Assessment.

Our Guarantee: We cannot guarantee a certain number of rankings or that particular keywords will get ranked with particular search engines. There are simply too many variables to consider and anyone guaranteeing such should be avoided at all costs. However, we do guarantee the quality of our work.

When we tell you that we will reach a milestone within a certain amount of hours, if we fail to reach that milestone, we will complete additional work for free or at a pre-determined reduced fee until said milestone is reached. In addition, if after six months of site optimization, traffic is far below satisfactory, we will re-negotiate a severely reduced fee to continue promotion until a reasonable increase in traffic is reached.